Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays?

a memoir

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Who is T.E. Corner?

A Little Bit About Me

I grew up in Delaware County Pennsylvania and currently reside in Marple Township. I have an amazing wife, who you will meet in the memoir,  Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays?

Our lives have been blessed with three amazing daughters, who I consider our greatest teachers.

Why Do I Write?

Selfishly, I write as a personal form of spiritual and self-discovery. My initial publications, List for Santa, List for Life! and Positive Thoughts, Positive Life!, were inspired by my daughters.  

In addition to spiritual and self-discovery, I write to convey to my readers that anything is possible if we believe it and allow it.

I send you love and happiness.

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Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays?

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